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Microsoft Wedge Keyboard Unboxing and Setup with Vivotab Note 8
http://bit.ly/1lYsCGk for more.In this video I set up the Microsoft Wedge keyboard with the ASUS Vivotab Note 8. Video taken with Nokia Lumia 925. Video edited on Vivotab Note 8 using Cyberlink Power Director 12.

Steve Paine (http://bit.ly/1nQ2Xy3)

Innovega Augmented Reality Contact Lens Demo at CES 2014
Innovega Contact Lens - CES 2014 - http://bit.ly/UTJZGl If you love Augmented Reality but you don’t want to wear glass, then Innovega’s contact lens might be right what you’re looking for. The lens consists of three primary components: two filters, and one lenslet. Most of the lens is covered by a filter that blocks out three very narrow bands of red, green, and blue light. Not coincidentally, these are the bands of light emitted by the transparent RGB displays that Innovega is using. This filter makes sure that you can see normally while making the displays invisible, which is important, because your eye can’t naturally focus on the displays at that distance.

Mobilegeeks.de (http://bit.ly/1lH3L8l)

Alexi Delano & Shaun Reeves feat. Charlotte Carter-Allen - The Breeze (Melchior Productions Remix)
Shaun Reeves, one member of the Visionquest power force, teams up with good friend and industry veteran Alexi Delano for the next release on the label with two solid cuts that are deeply mystifying and hypnotic while packing plenty of groove for the dance floor. Title track ‘The Breeze’captures the senses with warm, dubby synths flowing and rippling throughout, evoking a sense of melancholy enhanced by Charlotte Carter-Allen’s vocals, while ‘The Mistral’ rides with a deep chugging bassline as the mesmerising vocals float and echo through the deep vortex. Over on the B-side, one of Visionquest’s favourite producers, the highly respected Thomas Melchior aka Melchior Productions Ltd is proudly welcomed onto the label to remix ‘The Breeze’, adding his unmistakable groove and distinctive percussive patterns. This is certainly a package not to be missed. Born in Chile, raised in Sweden and later adopted by New York, Alexi Delano now lives in London. Over his two decades in the industry he has developed a style, which combines the heavy compressed Swedish sound with the vibrancy of the creative music scene in Brooklyn. Releasing on established labels such as the historic SVEK, Plus 8, Minus, Drumcode, HProduction and many more. Now in 2013 Alexi Delano is finalizing his 6th album “The Art Of Collaboration” for the Swedish Techno label H-productions as well as relaunching his own record label AD Limited whilst continuing to write original pieces for a string of projects. Hailing from Detroit where he ran parties booking the likes of Magda and Dan Bell, Shaun Reeves has now lived in the techno city Berlin for the past nine years. Playing at all of the top venues and parties in the world on a relentless touring schedule and spending every spare second in the studio, Shaun’s dedication to the job is second to none. Thomas Melchior is well respected as a solo artist and as a duo alongside Baby Ford under the moniker Soul Capsule, releasing on the likes of Perlon, Playhouse, Smallville and a:rpia:r. Earlier this year they rereleased the classic ‘Overcome Ø Lady Science’ with smashing results.

aboveboarddist (http://bit.ly/1aF3daX)

Martin Buttrich - Monkey Troopers (Original Mix) (Supplement Facts / SFR041) OFFICIAL
Out Now Worldwide Digitally Beatport : http://btprt.dj/1dOP3Zd 12” vinyl Juno : http://bit.ly/1cyKiln Phonica: http://bit.ly/1dOP3Zf Master of after-dark electronic symphonies, Martin Buttrich is set to drop a pair of heavyweight tracks on Guy Gerber’s Supplement Facts imprint this winter. A-side ‘Earth Of Foxes’ is a moody masterpiece with a complex tapestry of wonky chimes, ethereal voices and a galloping groove. B-side ‘Monkey Troopers’ is another techy monster with brooding bassline and classic Buttrich drums. With that innate quality of Buttrich’s productions the ‘Earth Of Foxes EP’ is both hypnotic and loopy whilst encased within intricate textures and rhythms. Martin Buttrich is co-founder of Desolat (alongside Loco Dice) and a veteran producer with original releases on labels such as Planet E, Cocoon and Poker Flat, the superb LP ‘Crash Test’ on Desolat (2010) - also lending his distinctive sound to over 100 co-productions and remixes that have included Madonna, Muse, Fatboy Slim. Josh Wink and Green Velvet, Bootsy Collins, Tom Jones, Kelis, Moloko and Depeche Mode. 2013 saw Martin play some amazing showcases, including the closing party of Loco Dice’s new Ibiza residency Used and Abused at Ushuaia. He also played back 2 back with Guy Gerber on two occasions at his new ibiza residency Wisdom of the Glove at Pacha Ibiza and has just returned after playing Wisdom of the Glove’s sold out ADE showcase at Scheepsbouwloods. Better Lost That Stupid hosted again a hugely successful party at DC10 this summer. Better Lost Than Stupid being the musical collective of Davide Squillace, Matthias Tanzman and Martin. his year Martin stepped up his output of original material, starting in September with his release on Minus alongside Better Lost Than Stupid teammate Davide Squillace. He then moved onto the release of Session 1 on Desolat where he teamed up with Mousse T. 2014 see’s more original material dropping with a release planned for February on Planet E.

aboveboarddist (http://bit.ly/1cyKilp)

Two Lone Swordsmen - Mr Paris’s Monsters
Released: 19 Oct 1998 Producer, Written-By - 2 Lone Swordsmen Mastered By (Amidst Very Unprofessional Behaviour) - Frank Arkwright Artwork By (Sleeve Design) - James Woodbourne And Haywire

dominiquebettings (http://bit.ly/KAB13n)

Two Lone Swordsmen - Spine Bubbles
Released: 19 Oct 1998 Producer, Written-By - 2 Lone Swordsmen Mastered By (Amidst Very Unprofessional Behaviour) - Frank Arkwright Artwork By (Sleeve Design) - James Woodbourne And Haywire

dominiquebettings (http://bit.ly/1dOyJaS)

How the Internet sees you [27C3]
How the Internet sees you demonstrating what activities most ISPs see you doing on the Internet On the Internet one tends to think that one is pretty much safe from poking eyes. Taps in most countries can only be established after a judge has issued a warrant, thus upto such a tap is succesfully deployed one might think one is pretty much in the clear. Most ISPs though actually employ a toolset comprising one of various NetFlow, IPFIX or sFlow protocols to do trend monitoring, billing and of course, the ability to try and establish which connections a certain IP address is making. During the CCC conference we will monitor the CCC network with NetFlow, collecting and directly anonimizing this information on IP basis. We will map a couple of well-known websites/trackers to a private IP range and preserving these mappings, while anonimizing the rest of the IP addresses, thus your anonimity is safe and please be yourself while using the network. Flow data will not be stored, thus we won’t be able to go back and re-analyze the information. As a collector/analyzer we will be using the Anaphera tool by IBM Zurich Research Laboratory [1]. This tool is used in IBM datacenters and by customers of IBM worldwide for detecting malicious/unknown network traffic, traffic trending, anomaly detection, growth prognosis and billing. We’ll be explaining the intriciate parts about NetFlow, IPFIX and sFlow, what the technologies are and how they work, hopping briefly in the big difference with taps and what they could see when they are deployed and also what we don’t see now and what gets lost in the noise. We will be showing you what information and details can be taken from a flow based tool, so that you know what can be seen by ISPs around the world. Speaker: Jeroen Massar EventID: 4301 Event: 27th Chaos Communication Congress (27C3) by the Chaos Computer Club [CCC] Location: Berlin Congress Center [bcc]; Alexanderstr. 11; 10178 Berlin; Germany Language: english Start: 30.12.2010 16:00:00 +01:00 License: CC-by-nc-sa

CCCen (http://bit.ly/1dtIL0Z)

This Video Will Hurt
Official Discussion on http://bit.ly/1dkAkFf http://bit.ly/1chEw45 http://bit.ly/1dkAkFi Special Thanks to: http://bit.ly/1chEx88 Saylor Fielder Julian Yap Ardalan Moazeni Dr Clifton K. Meader http://goo.gl/DpsuGk Dr Fabrizio Benedetti Max Ramsay - @maxafax, The Soden Family, Conan Kudo (ニール・ゴンパ), Kira Lanier, Lisa Marie Terry, Dave Roberts (the Best Dad ever), mikey.reiach.net, Carine Frsch, Mauceri76, David Benko, Team Fluger, A.Manning, Smuffie00, Robert English, @jwvdiermen, Laura Saura Maura Watiker, Nicholas Hartikainen, M Go Blue!, @chrisaiello, @Bad1z, Kuffer Sam Selected sources: http://bit.ly/1dkAkFl http://bit.ly/1chEx89 http://1.usa.gov/1dkAkoF http://bit.ly/1dkAkFm http://bit.ly/1chEw47 http://bit.ly/1chEw48 http://bit.ly/1chEx8d http://bit.ly/1chEx8e http://1.usa.gov/1chExos http://bit.ly/1chEwko

CGP Grey (http://bit.ly/1dkAkoO)

Boy Racer: Fast & Furious In The UK
Since the trend of teenagers modifying their “affordable” cars with go-faster stripes, neon under-lights, and dump valves really took off in the 90s, the media and public have been wary of boy racers. The British government has attempted to force them out of town centers with surveillance, and the cops spend their nights hunting them in unmarked cars. Understandably, this has driven boy racers to abandon the bright lights for industrial areas, country lanes, and parking lots where they can blare happy hardcore, jungle, bassline, and pull off handbrake turns to their hearts’ content. In the film, we follow the boy racers as they try—with varying degrees of success—to unify the scene in their local area. In Essex, we find car meets with hundreds of kids in kitted up cars, showing off luxury paint jobs and bass systems that ruin their girlfriends’ hair dos. And in North London, boy racers take to highways to find their own fun—which, in the past, has had grave consequences. The summer brings with it super-sized car festivals, where everyone goes to race, get wasted and get their picture taken with pouting, bikini-clad promo models. Cars get scrapped, street races get dangerous, and things get wild in a parking lot. Boy Racer is a timely spotlight on what kids in souped-up cars are doing today, or tonight, in every town in the UK. Check out the Best of VICE here: http://bit.ly/VICE-Best-Of Subscribe to VICE here! http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://bit.ly/TYfWAm Read our tumblr: http://bit.ly/W61V1d

VICE (http://bit.ly/1eOKO2X)

Two Lone Swordsmen - Brootle (Simulant Remix)
Remix - Simultant Warp Records WARPCD

dominiquebettings (http://bit.ly/JjlSSk)

Ageing Rock Stars - Easter Island’s crumbling monuments
Preserving the iconic Easter Island Faces from the forces of change. For downloads and more information visit: http://bit.ly/1cWUIKi Drawing more than 50,000 tourists every year, the iconic moai statues of Rapa Nui are falling apart. Whilst debates continue over how to preserve them, locals also face a struggle over their independence. Despite their formidable appearance, the moai statues of Rapa Nui are delicate and both foreign and local experts are in a race against time to preserve them against the elements. “These objects are very fragile. They’re not going to last forever”, says Dr Jo Anne Van Tilburg. But the moai are also at the center of larger debate over the Easter islanders’ culture and independence. “Our ancestors left behind a fortune for us. Like the Middle East have oil, this is our oil, our patrimony, our culture. We don’t need Chile”, says Erity Teave, the Human Rights Minister in the Rapa Nui parliament. While the dispute over autonomy continues, it’s the preservation of the moai that dominates. As the island’s most precious resource, the inhabitants ultimately depend on them for their survival. ABC Australia Journeyman is your source for the most powerful films exploring the world’s most burning issues of today. We represent stories from the world’s top producers and broadcasters with brand new content coming in all the time. On our channel you’ll find outstanding controversial journalism exploring any issue you can imagine wanting to know about.

Journeyman Pictures (http://bit.ly/1cjJIsj)

Soylent: How I Stopped Eating for 30 Days
Is Soylent the future of food? CEO Rob Rhinehart lived on his liquid invention for 30 days straight, and the feat propelled him to internet fame and fortune. So I decided to become the first person to repeat his feat—for a month straight, I’d try to live on nothing but the chemical cocktail, just like Rob. Along the way, I’d investigate the how an artificial food replacement might impact human health, Silicon Valley, and the world at large. This is the story of life after food. Read more on MOTHERBOARD here: http://bit.ly/18CGvDk Click here for a chance to win a free days worth of Soylent! http://bit.ly/1bQeJQM Subscribe to MOTHERBOARD: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-MOTHERBOARD Follow MOTHERBOARD Facebook: http://on.fb.me/UR5fwW Twitter: http://bit.ly/UbczFZ

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